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Le Club de Tokyo is a members-only private night club offering the best service in the most luxurious atmosphere.
Only accepted applicants may become members of Le Club de Tokyo.
Being a members-only private club, it brings a sense of security and trust.

Please read these terms carefully since your application and indication of acceptance of these terms create a legally binding agreement. If you accept the membership agreement, upon application, you will have to comply with these terms.

Please note that the content of this agreement is subject to change and additional terms can be added without notice.
Le Club de Tokyo is under the direct management of Le Club de Tokyo Co. Ltd
Membership is open to persons who are over 30 years old with good references.
If you have recommendation from another club of the group
(Roppongi Chick and Ginza Chick) or good reference or recommendation from a current member,
you are eligible to apply for a membership.
Application screening will take place based on submitted applications.
Le Club de Tokyo will notify applicants of the results as soon as the screening is done.
Please note that no objection to the results will be accepted.
Admission fee is specified separately with current sales tax added.Please follow the procedure upon your payment.
Please note that the admission fee is non-refundable.
At Le Club de Tokyo, membership is permanent. However, after one year of absence,
you will be asked to pay registration fee during your next visit for the palm vein authentication device
(10 000 yens - tax not included -).
To access Le Club de Tokyo, it is a prerequisite that at least one member shall be physically present.
If we observe the following incidents, despite receiving warnings, your membership will be revoked :
- Violation of the agreement,
- Damage to our credit or property,
- After hurting other members, we have not noticed any improvement in the attitude,
- Provided false information on the application,

Should any of your registration information change please notify us immediately.
Failure to notify may result in the revocation of the membership.

We will also revoke membership when we conclude any incidents or acts of members,
other than mentioned above, are reasonable to do so.
Members are eligible to recommend acquaintances.
We are sorry to ask applicants who are in the same business to withdraw their applications.
Please be aware that our club has a dress code and those wearing the following refused entry.
・Short pants
・Damaged jeans
・T-shirt without a jacket
※If you are not wearing a jacket, please wear a shirt with a collar.